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Film enhancement and illustration

Enhanced CT images of a client’s lumbar fractures, combined with an illustration showing the fractures from a lateral view with additional fractures and soft tissue damage provide a better understanding of the extent of the injuries.

Enhancement of client X-rays to visualize injuries and subsequent surgical/medical interventions.

Medical illustrations to show mechanism of injury

A simple and effective description of the cause of a client’s foot injury, and the progression of that injury to deterioration of the involved joint. Combined with a photograph of the client’s surgery to efficiently tell the client’s story.

WKW Rainey
Showing, not telling

Rather than describe in words the routes by which air bubbles might move from the left ventricle to the brain or a coronary artery, show the audience with accurate and easily-understood medical images.

WKW McLain elbow
Make the complex simple

There were no X-rays records of this client’s elbow injuries, and the CT images are not readily understood by a lay audience. A standard anatomical view of the elbow fractures was reconstructed from the CT scans and a straightforward presentation of the injuries helps the audience grasp the seriousness of the injury, and its subsequent treatment.

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Understanding anatomy

A case can require educating an audience on complex anatomical relationships. Here, pelvic and abdominal laparoscopic procedures requiring several  incisions resulted in a tear to the inferior epigastric artery and severe bleeding. Rather than trying to describe the course of the artery through the pelvis and to the abdominal wall, let your audience see it.