Nixon Illustration provides illustrations, images and film enhancements for the legal and medical professions – anything that requires clear, concise and accurate medical visuals to educate an audience. Our demonstrative evidence has been used in all legal settings; from small settlement brochures to large easel displays in a courtroom. We also produce images for the medical and scientific communities – research, publications, presentations and editorial work all require images. We have experience illustrating virtually all medical specialties, including surgery, ob/gyn, urology, orthopedics and anatomy.

Legal: Don’t Tell Them, Show Them

“Say it with words and you’re lucky if they hear it or bother to read it. Tell your story with imagery, and it grabs attention, evokes emotion, and is more instantly processed.” – Lambert and Carpenter

Research has shown that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text – and that people can remember more than 2500 images with at least 90 percent accuracy for days after initial exposure. On the other hand the average person only remembers about a fifth of what they hear. Don’t tell your audience, show them through clear, accurate and cost-effective illustrations and graphics.

Biomedical: Accurate, Clear and Concise

We provide medical and scientific illustrations for education, publishing, research and commercial use. Make an impact through our clear, concise illustrations and graphics.

We can provide images for use in all formats; from digital imagery to traditional print to large format physical displays.


Images can come from anything, from anywhere. If you’ve got something that needs to be visualized contact us as see how we can help.